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Uniross industrial batteries comprises of an exhaustive range of rechargeable & alkaline batteries suited for a variety of customized applications. These high-performance batteries are made using world class manufacturing techniques and pass through an elaborate testing procedure to give a best in quality products. Our dedicated R&D team puts consistent efforts to study new applications and adapt battery technologies and performance accordingly so as to cover maximum applications.

power output

Wide range

Tested certified
and verified

Made using
advanced manufacturing techniques


Wide battery technology options with convenient sizes and capacities.

NiCD – Nickel Cadmium

Available Types : AAA,AA,C,D,SC,F ,1.2V, 600-8000mAh

These batteries use a combination of Nickel (Ni) and Cadmium (Cd) in various compositions to generate energy. They are known hold a steady voltage of 1.2V per cell until they are completely depleted. They also have a low internal resistance making them capable to accept large power quickly resulting in quick charging and discharging times. These batteries find their applications most commonly in products like power tools, lift chairs that demand high amount of power delivery throughout their running cycle.

  • Steady
    voltage output
  • Quick
  • Low internal

VRLA – Valve Regulated Lead Acid

Available Types : From 2V to 12V ( for Backup & deep discharge applications)

This is maintenance free battery technology that uses a number of lead acid cells wired together in a compact construction delivering a high voltage output. These batteries due to their high density and reduced maintenance and enhanced safety find their applications in a host of critical power applications such as solar powered applications, golf carts and many others.

  • High
    capacity range
  • Low need for
    battery ventilation
  • Low

NiMH – Nickel Metal Hydride

Available Types : AAA,AA,C,D,SC,F
1.2V, 600-10000mAh

This is a widely used technology for the replacement for NiCd type and uses a combination of Nickel metal hydride for its chemistry which gives it a higher lifecycle performance. NiMH batteries have been used as a high power source in many commercial & consumer applications

  • Environment
  • High energy
  • Economical

Li-ion & LiFePO4
Lithium Ion & Lithium Iron phosphate

Available Types : 18650, 26650. 3.6V (NMC) & 3.2 (LiFePO4) : 1100-5000 mAh

These high density batteries use Lithium ions (Li-Ion) & lithium iron phosphate(LiFePO4) as a key component for its electrochemistry that result in battery types that have compact dimensions suitable to power new age smart agriculture devices,emergency lighting systems, mobility products several such applications

  • High energy
  • Low
  • Low

Li-SOCl2 – Lithium Thionyl Chloride

Available Types : A,AAA,AA,C,D,1/2AA, 2/3AA : 3.6 & 10.8V, 800-19000 mAh

These are high density batteries that use Lithium Thionyl Chloride for its electrochemistry. These batteries are known to have a low self discharge rate with very high life expectancy and are suitable for low power consuming devices and long operating cycles. Typical industrial applications for these battery types include weather equipment, metering and sensing devices and memory backups.

  • High energy
  • Low
  • Low

Alkaline – Zinc Manganese xcxc

Available Types : AA,AAA,C,D & 9V

Alkaline batteries are the most common battery technology that uses a Zinc magnesium dioxide chemistry to derive energy. Uniross has been in the forefront of the Alkaline battery manufacturing specially for industrial applications with continual improvements in their performance and find their way into a number of commercial and military applications.

  • High energy
  • Low
  • Low


  • MedTech

  • Light Mobility

  • Home Appliances

  • Health & Beauty

  • Power Tools

  • Emergency Lighting

  • Military

  • Robotics

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