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With over 5 decades of industry expertise in dealing with 200+ global partners, Uniross fully understands the needs of small , medium and large businesses and works hand in hand throughout the process Lifecycle. Small businesses get the advantage of guided product selection, medium size businesses can get accurate market insights for market expansion and large businesses can leverage fresh designs and updated products.


Fully customize your order size

Uniross Partners have the flexibility to customize their product basket by choosing products according to their market needs. Our expert team is always available to help you choose the right product suitable for your markets.

OR learn: how to build your product basket here


We take care of all your
inventory concerns

Uniross has two high capacity modern warehouse facilities based in Europe and Asia that can carry multi-product inventories and fulfill  orders in a short period of time. These hubs facilitate better stock rotation so that the cash flow remains smooth throughout the business cycle.


Spend less on brand building

Uniross is a leading brand in the global markets with a strong brand recall. Its products are well accepted and appreciated by consumers which gives a tremendous leverage to our partners as they spend significantly less on marketing and increase brand presence . A strong brand also helps in expanding footprint to other geographies.


Get professional customer support

Uniross has a team of industry experts that are dedicated towards providing complete resolution of all your queries. For seasoned businesses they provide ease of communication and to small businesses we do complete handholding from product selection , to shipping to marketing support and beyond. Talk to one of such expert!

What our partners
say about us

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    “One of the advantages of associating with Uniross is that it offers a very flexible ,scalable portfolio that allowed us to choose and customize our basket of products and accurately hit our revenue targets .We were also able to capture a significant market share taking by taking Uniross’s brand reputation and attaching more number of sub retailers to our business.”

    Carlos Saucedo, Partner
    Battery shop


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    “The best supply chain and logistics management, which provides a hassle free transaction, with our queries resolved on time.
    I was able to rotate my inventory better and cash flow was uniform and did not have to worry about my money getting stuck anywhere in the process.”

    Russell Smyth, Ownner
    DMI International


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- Exclusive price offers
- Dedicated support (product selection,manufacturing & shipping).
- Complete marketing support (On-ground & digital)